FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:         May 1, 2007

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Free Folk Music Concert Series

Folk Rising™ Music Productions, LLC ("Folk Rising") announced today that it will be producing a ten week free folk music concert series at the River Walk restaurant in downtown Sioux Falls. The concert series will be held on Saturday nights from 7 to 10 pm starting on May 12th and running through July 14th, 2007. A typical concert will consist of six to twelve performers each doing one or two 15-minute sets during the three-hour concert. The live acoustic concerts will be provided to the public free of charge.

"Folk Rising is hoping to help revive folk music in the Sioux Falls area by working with a group of local musicians to provide a wide variety of live folk / acoustic music each Saturday night for ten weeks," Folk Rising's founder Gary Kappenman said. "The folk music revival in the 1960's helped the US deal with major divisive issues and it is our hope that a revival of heartfelt music that deals with love and family values and is not afraid to address social and political issues will help this country through many of those same 1960’s divisive issues it is facing this decade."

Ellen Noonan, who has recently signed an Artist Production and Development Agreement with Folk Rising, said "I wasn't born until after the folk revival started in the early 1960's, but I've found that most of the acoustic music that has captured the imagination of many of my generation has its roots in much older folk music just as the folk music revival of the 1960's. I feel that everyone can relate to folk music since it tells real life stories about everyday people." Ellen will be performing at all but one of the concerts during the 10-week period.

"I'm really pleased that the River Walk and Folk Rising are providing the opportunity for local musicians to find a larger audience for their work", stated Nate Anderson, a popular singer / songwriter from Sioux Falls who will be performing at eight of the ten concerts. “There is such a range of what can be considered folk music, both old and new. I’m looking forward to performing, and also to hearing others perform music that portrays passionate feelings of love and joy and heartbreak and outrage, and also some humor. This is going to be fun!”



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